Frequently asked questions


What's weather will be like on October the 63rd?

Unfortunately I didn't study Meteorology at university and therefore like most people rely on looking at weather apps or websites/reports. We like to compare a few forecasts and choose the best one to believe at OQSC ; )

It tends to be rainy in January/February and still mild enough to ride throughout the winter months, that's why the pro riders love to come here. One word of warning, if it does rain, do not ride! The roads here are made for rainy conditions and they become extremely slippery and pretty dangerous, have a day off, have recovery cake!

How much are taxis from the small cami off of that big main road near that nice coffee shop?

Here in Mallorca taxis are pretty expensive, the reason being they work in regions and therefore you have to book a taxi in the region you are in not where you are going to. So on average a taxi around 85/90 Euros from the airport to here in Puerto Pollensa (PP) and a taxi from Alcudia to PP is around 15/20 Euros. I would recommend to all riders to buy the Bici Rescue package in case you break down on the island as a a much more cost effective way of getting back home if you break down

Why is cycling so popular in Mallorca?

We have it all here; the coast, the countryside camis (small lanes), the Tramuntana mountains (The ma10 road is pretty special!) and the most amazingly smooth asphalt roads all within 2 1/2 hours from most European countries. The pro peleton train here from December through till the end of January.

Where should I stay on the island?

Now this is the big debate on the island and the answer differs dependant on who you ask. I for one love it up here in the north east of the island as you have amazing rides on your doorstep like Cap de Formentor (the lighthouse),  Coll de Femenia, Coll de Sabataia, Campanet valley etc. Yes I know its the furthest point awqay from the airport but a 45 minute transfer isn't far to get away from the loud resorts of Calvia, Magaluf, Arenal et al. 

What type of accommodation is best?

When I used to come here with my GB team we would stay in apartment hotels as they provide more space for you and your bike, ever tried to build your bike up with a metre space around your bed in a hotel? Most apartment hotels provide cooking facilities for when you can't move after a ride and need recovery beans on toast! and a living room so you don't have to hang out in your bedroom immediately after your ride.

Top OQSC recommended apartment hotels in Puerto Pollensa -

Hoposa Villa Concha

Apartment Duva

Puerto Azul

Should I bring my own bike or rent one?

The million dollar question!

If you have a beautiful bike that you've bought with your hard earned pennies why would you not want to treat your bike to some of the best roads in Europe? I say bring your own, it fits you like a glove, you know how it handles, it's got the wheels on you've always wanted! 

However... airlines do like to charge more than the actual flight to take your bike bag/case on board, robbing bastards! and have you seen how some of the baggage handlers handle your bike? Mmm yeah your beautiful steed going airborne onto the conveyor belt onto the plane, gulp! 

Too many decisions.

If you are coming for a week or more I think it's best to bring your own bike, it's amazing to ride your own bike here. If you are coming for a long weekend or less than a week then a hire bike is the best option. There are various bike brands to choose from and rental shops on the island to hire bikes from, here in Puerto Pollensa alone there is said to be 15 bike shops. 

Here at OQ Service Course we have 2019 Trek Emonda's for hire from 35 euros per day.